Model definition in JayData

JayData provides a quick and easy way of defining data structures, which you might have seen previously in the tutorials. One of our main goals was to represent the data model as a strongly typed Javascript-native object model, so defining ...

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JayData API features

The following table shows the features of JayData and summarizes the feature availability for each provider and data service. There are many features under development and we have even more on the roadmap.  You can find not available features (marked with ...

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How JayData works

JayData is a cross-platform, cross-provider, cross-layer Javascript data access library designed to streamline your data operations in mobile applications, web applications and in nodeJS serverside code. And this is how you can get it to work: First, include the jaydata.js library file. Or... Then, ...

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JayData browser compatibility matrix

The table below visualizes the compatibility of JayData library and its current providers with various desktop and mobile browsers. As JayData library is build on HTML5 standards, it's compatible with HTML5 browsers. WebSQL and IndexedDB providers can be used if the ...

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How to handle asynchronous programming in JayData

If you come from a serverside programming background like me, the wildly asynchronous nature of data access in Javascript can be a bit of an inconvenience. I made this short tutorial to help keep your head and your code straight. The ...

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EntityExpressions: The heart of JayData

At a first glance, JayData is a data access framework that allows you easy and uniform access to a plethora of data sources. That in itself is a great help to many Javascript developers, but in its depth we had ...

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