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Jaydata and AngularJS continued

Author: Gábor Dolla October 22nd, 2013

Please be sure that you use the latest JayData, 1.3.4 or newer ! In the first blogpost about our new AngularJS module we created a simple master-detail list using remote Northwind database with oData. Let’s enhance it further so it becomes ...

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Jaydata and AngularJS

Author: Gábor Dolla October 15th, 2013

Please be sure that you use the latest JayData, 1.3.4 or newer ! Be sure to check the next post on this topic at: http://jaydata.org/blog/jaydata-and-angularjs-continued! You can see this example running at http://jaydata.org/examples/AngularJS/ProductEditor where you can also play with it. Our kudos to ...

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JayData summer edition is coming

Author: Peter Aron Zentai September 8th, 2013

Dear fellas, I did not have the chance to do much posting here in the past couple of months. A lot has happened in the mean time, and we did collect a lot of miles travelling around in the US, ...

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Model definition in JayData

Author: Hajnalka Battancs August 7th, 2013

JayData provides a quick and easy way of defining data structures, which you might have seen previously in the tutorials. One of our main goals was to represent the data model as a strongly typed Javascript-native object model, so defining ...

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AngularJS with JayData– store Todo items in your local database

Author: Peter Aron Zentai July 1st, 2013

This document is obsolete as JayData has been enhanced to better support AngularJS. Please use the updated info: http://jaydata.org/blog/jaydata-and-angularjs It has been a popular topic across various JayData forums to have support for the fine AngularJS library. I am more then ...

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