• For OData developers

    We have already looked at how you can publish an OData service endpoint, now let’s delve into using the amazing features of JayData and build Northwind product editor client with JayData and jQuery.

  • For HTML5 development

    If you do not wish to use a central datastore, just persist data on the client itself for your application, JayData will come to your aid with the built-in SQLite/WebSQL or IndexedDb provider.

  • For NODEJs development

    Database management on the client-side is not always enough for your needs and contains some security issues. But with the power of node.js, you can use the JavaScript Language Query (JSLQ) even on the server-side.

  • For mobile developers

    Hybrid mobile applications are all the rage nowadays. A hybrid application is essentially an app that is installed and run as a native application, but uses HTML5 and Javascript to render its UI and perform part or all of its business logic operations.

Get started with these JayData resources

Read JayData docs

Start with our documentation page or read the featured blogposts collection for the most important pieces of information. If you would like to know more read JSLQ 101.

See some examples

We have tons of examples demonstrating the most common data management usecases. Visit our examples site or read some related blogposts.

Read our blog

Read our blog posts for the latest information about features, releases and our development roadmap.

Stack Overflow

Visit Stack Overflow, the ultimate question and answer site to find more JayData related questions.

JSLQ playground (usually called sandbox, but ours is more fun!)

In our playground you can use JayData to make real-time queries against a remote OData data endpoint. See for yourself how JayData makes your life easier!

Get support

If you need a powerful, flexible personal or enterprise support for your project please visit our support plans or contact us.

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