• How is the JayData library licensed?

    JayData library is licensed under MIT and GPL v2 licenses. Read more on the Licensing page.

  • How can I download the latest version?

    Basically, we separated the packaged library – which can be used to develop applications – and the source code repository.

    The latest stable release can be downloaded from the Download page and the current source code can be forked from JayData Github repository.

  • I like this library, how can I join the project team?

    As JayData is open-source, you can fork it on Github and contribute to the project.

  • What’s the main goal of JayData and how is it unique?

    Jaydata is supposed to help developers to manage data in enterprise HTML5 web/hybrid applications. It’s a library, not a framework, which means you can use it for data management and utilize other libraries (Knockout.js, jQuery, iScroll, Sencha, jQuery Mobile) for UI representation purposes. You can use JayData on client-side (in JavaScript layer) as you use Microsoft Entity Framework+LINQ on server-side.

  • What kind of development environment do I need to use JayData?

    As JayData is a JavaScript library, there are no restrictions in terms of the IDE. You can use Eclipse, Aptana, all editions of Microsoft Visual Studio (even the Express ones) or your favorite text-editor. Right now, we optimized the auto-complete suggestions to Visual Studio 2012 (this is where you can benefit from TypeScript, too), which doesn’t mean that we won’t support other IDEs with auto-complete.

  • Which are the compatible web browsers?

    The goal is to support all of HTML5-compatible browsers: Google Chrome, Webkit Browser (Android smartphone and tablet), Safari (both desktop and iPad/iPhone), Internet Explorer 9/10

  • What kind of platforms is JayData tested on?

    We test JayData on the following platforms before each release:

    • Google Chrome
    • Android (2.3, 4.0)
    • Safari (desktop, iPhone, iPad)
    • IE 9
    • Samsung SmartTV
  • What kind of application types can I create using JayData?

    • ASP.NET webapp, ASP.NET Single Page Application
    • Windows Azure client application
    • Node.js application
    • Cloud storage client applications
    • Hybrid mobile application in PhoneGap environment
    • Titanium mobile application
    • Social applications (Ex. FaceBook apps)
    • Mobile website
    • Win8 Metro app (JavaScript)
    • Mashup applications