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Optimistic concurrency support in JayData 1.2

Author: Peter Aron Zentai September 17th, 2012

This is a backgrounder on optimistic concurrency support. This feature is automatically applied, you don’t have to switch anything on to use it. OData has support for detecting conflicting entity changes via the ETag HTTP header values. This feature can be ...

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How to use JayData with OData function import

Author: Robert Bonay June 20th, 2012

Functions with IQueryable return value were supported in previous JayData versions, JayData 1.1.0 supports the following return values: Return value further querying primitives (int, string) no object known by the context no IQueryable<primitiveType> no IQueryable<knownType> yes ICollection<primitiveType> no ICollection<knownType> no Accessing service methods defined with WebGet attributes are supported, but methods implemented with WebInvoke aren’t. Server-side ...

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