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Fullstack OData 4.0 howto–Enums

Author: Robert Bonay January 21st, 2016

This short post presents snippets for publishing and consuming OData services that operate with enums. Requirements: Microsoft ASP.NET WebAPI 2.2 for OData v4.0 5.8.0 JayData 1.5 .NET server-side data model public partial class User { ... public UserType UserType { get; set; } ... } Publish custom ...

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JayData and relationships

Author: Robert Bonay June 12th, 2013

JayData supports relationships since the first version, but it worths a short post to cover this feature. If your application does more than saving and retrieving key-value pairs for configuration, you might arrive to a point when you want to manage ...

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Geography and geometry with JayData

Author: Gábor Dolla April 30th, 2013

Geography is an important aspect, just think of the many online apps that use various map services such as Google Maps, OSM, Bing Maps, Nokia Here, etc. OData V3 also has support for Geography and Geometry data types. In JayData ...

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Calling OData actions and service operations with JayData

Author: Robert Bonay April 30th, 2013

Most of the OData examples and applications operate with EntitySets, which is a very flexible way for data collaboration if we want the client applications to implement the business logic. OData service operations, entity-level and entityset-level actions provide us the ...

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