Table of JayData and EDM types for OData developers

Author: Robert Bonay September 10th, 2013

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We collected all the currently available JayData types and supported EDM types for OData developers. These types can be used to manage typed entities in JavaScript environment with JayData, no matter if you consume or provide OData services or store entities to WebSQL, IndexeDB or MongoDB databases.

We are already familiar with JayData entity definitions, but you were always curious to know what kind of values could you assign to the type of the entity.

The below table summarizes the EDM types and matching JayData types that can be used in JayData data models.  The EDM type is the same you usually see in OData $metadata services and JayData type is the one we use in our type system – both can be assigned to the type of entity fields.

EDM type

JayData type

‘Edm.Boolean’ $data.Boolean
‘Edm.Binary’ $data.Blob
‘Edm.DateTime’ $data.Date
‘Edm.DateTimeOffset’ $data.DateTimeOffset
‘Edm.Time’ $data.Time
‘Edm.Decimal’ $data.Decimal
‘Edm.Float’ $data.Float
‘Edm.Single’ $data.Float
‘Edm.Double’ $data.Number
‘Edm.Guid’ $data.Guid
‘Edm.Int16’ $data.Int16
‘Edm.Int32’ $data.Integer
‘Edm.Int64’ $data.Int64
‘Edm.Byte’ $data.Byte
‘Edm.SByte’ $data.SByte
‘Edm.String’ $data.String
‘Edm.GeographyPoint’ $data.GeographyPoint
‘Edm.GeographyLineString’ $data.GeographyLineString
‘Edm.GeographyPolygon’ $data.GeographyPolygon
‘Edm.GeographyMultiPoint’ $data.GeographyMultiPoint
‘Edm.GeographyMultiLineString’ $data.GeographyMultiLineString
‘Edm.GeographyMultiPolygon’ $data.GeographyMultiPolygon
‘Edm.GeographyCollection’ $data.GeographyCollection
‘Edm.GeometryPoint’ $data.GeometryPoint
‘Edm.GeometryLineString’ $data.GeometryLineString
‘Edm.GeometryPolygon’ $data.GeometryPolygon
‘Edm.GeometryMultiPoint’ $data.GeometryMultiPoint
‘Edm.GeometryMultiLineString’ $data.GeometryMultiLineString
‘Edm.GeometryMultiPolygon’ $data.GeometryMultiPolygon
‘Edm.GeometryCollection’ $data.GeometryCollection

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