Jaydata and AngularJS continued

Author: Gábor Dolla October 22nd, 2013

Please be sure that you use the latest JayData, 1.3.4 or newer ! In the first blogpost about our new AngularJS module we created a simple master-detail list using remote Northwind database with oData. Let’s enhance it further so it becomes ...

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Jaydata and AngularJS

Author: Gábor Dolla October 15th, 2013

Please be sure that you use the latest JayData, 1.3.4 or newer ! Be sure to check the next post on this topic at: http://jaydata.org/blog/jaydata-and-angularjs-continued! You can see this example running at http://jaydata.org/examples/AngularJS/ProductEditor where you can also play with it. Our kudos to ...

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JayData summer edition is coming

Author: Peter Aron Zentai September 8th, 2013

Dear fellas, I did not have the chance to do much posting here in the past couple of months. A lot has happened in the mean time, and we did collect a lot of miles travelling around in the US, ...

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Model definition in JayData

Author: Hajnalka Battancs August 7th, 2013

JayData provides a quick and easy way of defining data structures, which you might have seen previously in the tutorials. One of our main goals was to represent the data model as a strongly typed Javascript-native object model, so defining ...

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Misery with CORS

Author: Gábor Dolla July 11th, 2013

OData is taking off, large systems start to support it including SAP Netweaver Gateway, SAP HANA, Microsoft CRM, Sharepoint, etc., you can see the growing list of systems supporting oData at http://www.odata.org/ecosystem/#3. OData is a powerful protocol, you can think of ...

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AngularJS with JayData– store Todo items in your local database

Author: Peter Aron Zentai July 1st, 2013

This document is obsolete as JayData has been enhanced to better support AngularJS. Please use the updated info: http://jaydata.org/blog/jaydata-and-angularjs It has been a popular topic across various JayData forums to have support for the fine AngularJS library. I am more then ...

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JayData API features

Author: Hajnalka Battancs June 26th, 2013

The following table shows the features of JayData and summarizes the feature availability for each provider and data service. There are many features under development and we have even more on the roadmap.  You can find not available features (marked with ...

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