Fullstack OData 4.0 howto–Open types

Author: Robert Bonay January 27th, 2016

OData v4.0 introduced the open type concept in order to manage dynamic properties in the payload without defining them in the EDM model. Requirements: Microsoft ASP.NET WebAPI 2.2 for OData v4.0 5.8.0 JayData 1.5.0 CTP Olingo OData Client for JavaScript Library ...

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Fullstack OData 4.0 howto–Enums

Author: Robert Bonay January 21st, 2016

This short post presents snippets for publishing and consuming OData services that operate with enums. Requirements: Microsoft ASP.NET WebAPI 2.2 for OData v4.0 5.8.0 JayData 1.5 .NET server-side data model public partial class User { ... public UserType UserType { get; set; } ... } Publish custom ...

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Unveiling JayData 1.5 CTP features

Author: Robert Bonay January 19th, 2016

Thanks to our investors, we were able to get back to our product development track after long months of enterprise support and project-only focus. We achieved tons of results in a very short timeframe and we have tons of work ...

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OData V4 support in JayData 1.4 alfa

Author: Peter Aron Zentai December 20th, 2014

I am super proud to announce the first version of the JayData library to support the OData V4 format – and a growing number of V4 features. You can check it out at  http://odata-v4.azurewebsites.net/ to see it in action. A downloadable ...

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JayData and toLiveArray()

Author: Robert Bonay January 7th, 2014

The standard toArray() function used callback and promise object to return the results, toLiveArray() returns an object that will be filled later. This array object can be used like a promise, it implements the then() and fail() functions. Using live arrays ...

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