JayData RC Refresh 2 released with Knockoutjs integration and more

Author: Peter Aron Zentai May 24th, 2012

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I am happy to announce that we again made a new release for the JayData library. Here are the offerings of the new release:


Feature highlights


Knockout.js integration

Using the Knockout.js module, your UI can be automatically refreshed when the data model changes, so you can develop the front-end of your data manager app even faster.


Querying 1:N relations in WebSQL & SQLite

SQLite and WebSQL providers now supports entity ID-based sub-selects.


Refactored Model binder

Developing your own provider is much easier based on the refactored model binder subsystem.


Better comments in IntelliSense and API reference

We not just improved the documentation in terms of code comments, but the API reference is auto-generated from the sourcecode.



For the complete list of improvements check out the release notes.




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