JayData MongoDB provider soon available

Author: Peter Aron Zentai July 2nd, 2012


It’s now a matter of days, and you can have a hands on test with the first version of our JayData MongoDB provider. It’s a server side provider and you can use it with NodeJS (or any other JS runtime that has MongoDB connectivity) The MongoDB platform is one cool way to store data in a large amount on a smart document oriented way, and has tons of features an SQL developer could only just dream about: fast, cheap, supports complex field types, atomic updates, high concurrency and provides fantastic ways to scale up/down/out or apart… ohh and yes: its in the cloud. In the mean time it lacks things just inevitable in SQL: like foreign keys, joins, and those rollup/cube ju-ju

The JayData MongoDB provider will not try to be a full featured MongDB client library though – for that purpopse there are plenty of better options then JayData. Instead, the JayData provider let’s you use a subset of the MongoDB featureset (with the option of direct MongoDB access for the hard moments) to give you a fast and scalable object repository that supports all the way down the JayData concept of working with data: the JavaScript Language Query and JavaScript CRUD operations.