Fullstack OData 4.0 howto series with JayData and ASP.NET WebAPI OData

Author: Robert Bonay January 27th, 2016


This article series guides you through the OData 4.0 features and helps you to build apps on OData platform using Microsoft ASP.NET WebAPI OData 2.2 on the server-side and JayData library on the client-side. Each chapter demonstrates the server-side and client-side snippets regarding the underlying OData features.


First steps

  • Before you begin writing your code, make sure you have a OData v4-compliant WebAPI OData 2.2 endpoint. OData v1-2-3 endpoints can be consumed using JayData 1.3.6 with datajs.

Static and dynamic data model generation

JayData helps you to discover your OData services by processing its $metadata service. You can pre-generate your static client-side data model and add it to project using JaySvcUtil – there is nothing new here with the concept, but we ported the OData v4-compatible JaySvcUtil to node.js platform, JaySvcUtil for Windows will stay at our current version for OData 1-2-3 versions.

Dynamic data model generation means that your software can process the $metadata service on-the-fly, $data.initService function was updated to consume OData v4 endpoints.

Available chapters: