Developing Titanium app with JayData 1.1.1

Author: Robert Bonay July 27th, 2012

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I’ve posted my Using JayData in Titanium to access remote OData service tutorial, which explains the creation of an Appcelerator Titanium mobile app step-by-step.

In case you are considering using JayData with Titanium, please return to the updated blogpost to resolve the changes smoothly.

List of changes:

  • Since JayData 1.1.1, there is no JayData-standalone.js anymore. Your downloaded zip will contain a jaydata.js, which doesn’t contain all the providers, so the necessary providers can be loaded on-demand. In this example I changed JayData-standalone.js to jaydata.js, added the jaydataproviders folder containing the oDataProvider.js (the rest can be deleted if you use only the OData provider).
  • Loading the providers happens automatically in web-browsers and in Node.js, but modules should be referenced manually in Titanium environment (require/include).
  • There was a bug in OData provider (only in Titanium environment), which was fixed recently, but only after releasing the JayData 1.1.1. The bugfix can be found in the latest version of the JayData development branch and will be release officially in 1.1.2.
  • I moved the sourcecode of the example to a separate repository (https://github.com/jaydata/titanium-odata-client) in order to clone/fork it easier. The Netflix browser example contains the fixed provider, so the should be no problem using it, I retested it on iOS and Android, too.

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