Configuring JayData – $data.defaults

Author: Robert Bonay November 22nd, 2016

There are numerous possibilities to configure JayData at global or provider level. Global settings can be accessed via $data.defaults.  Here is a table with current defaults and possible values of settings in JayData 1.5.10.

Configuration NameModuleExplanationDefault ValuePossible Values
defaultDatabaseNameJayDataDefault DB name for SQLite and IndexedDb'JayDataDefault'String value with valid characters
openTypeDefaultPropertyNameJayDataInternal setting for Open Type feature of OData v4. Name of dynamic property object."dynamicProperties"String value
openTypeDefaultTypeJayDataDo _not_ change! Internal setting for Open Type feature of OData v4'$data.Object'JayData object name
parameterResolutionCompatibilityJayDataIf false (default: true) then parameter resolution is enabled in queryable predicates.

See blog post: http://jaydata.org/blog/groundbreaking-odata-v4-features-in-jaydata-1.5.1-ctp
enableRelatedEntityReadMethodsJayDataSet availability of 'getPropertyName' style getter functions of related entitiestruetrue/false
relatedEntityProxyPrefixJayDataDo _not_ change! Internal settings for related entities getter function'$relatedProxy'-
relatedEntityReadMethodPrefixJayDataDo _not_ change! Internal settings. Prefix for function name of related entities getter function.'get'-
disableBatchODataIf true (default: false) then provider will not try to use batch requests during save changes into database .falsetrue/false
disableCompltexTypeMappingODataIf true (default: false) then provider will not use complex type mapping.

Note: complex type mapping is available only since OData v4
enableDeepSaveoDataIf true (default: false) then the provider will discover the deeply insertable entities during insertation of new entities to reduce the created request numbers

See blog post: groundbreaking-odata-v4-features-in-jaydata-1.5.1-ctp
eTagAnyoDataDo _not_ change! Internal settings.'*'-
withReferenceMethodsoDataIf true (false by default) then OData provider will create an additional POST request to set navigation property while calling saveChanges() method.

Need to be set to true when updating navigation property fails using ASP.Net Web API implementation of OData.