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Using JayData with Ruby on Rails and YQL

Author: Janos Roden June 21st, 2012

In this example you can learn how to use a custom Ruby on Rails data source with JayData, without the need to write an own provider. You can download this Rails and JayData projects and setup your local development environment. Ruby ...

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Using JayData in Node.JS environment

Author: Hajnalka Battancs May 30th, 2012

Database management on the client-side is not always enough for your needs and contains some security issues. But with the power of node.js, you can use the JavaScript Language Query (JSLQ) even on the server-side. You can combine the features of ...

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Node.js Northwind application

Author: Robert Bonay May 30th, 2012

Node.js Northwind application example with JayData, Express and jQuery template engine. Download example Content: - Application overview - Using JayData in MVC - Northwind context definition and views - Browser demonstration http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9VDgYlFsX8

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