Understand JayData in 7 simple steps

Step 1 – Initialize resources

Initialize your resource like stylesheets, scripts and so on.

Step 2 – Define data model

  • Simple model that works online and offline as well.
    Define your data model:

  • The local item store provides an automatic client storage facitlity for every entity type.
    Just define your model type and the rest is handled by the library:

  • Model types an have relationships to enforce referencial integrity

  • Model entities can have complex properties that are entities themselves

Step 3 – Initialize the data storage

Step 4 – Create data

Step 5 – Query data

Step 6 – Remove

Step 7 – Generate some UI


What is JayData?

JayData is a standards-based, cross-platform Javascript library and a set of practices to access and manipulate data from various online and offline sources.

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How it works

JayData is a cross-platform, cross-provider, cross-layer Javascript data access library designed to streamline your data operations in mobile and web application and in nodeJS serverside code.

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Enterprise Support

Working on a project with JayData and need some help? Reliable help for mission critical projects. Get technical help and expand your knowledge of JayData.

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Key features

Extended support for Visual Studio JavaScript Intellisense

Designed to make full use of Visual Studio JavaScript IntelliSense to provide the best developer experience

JavaScript Language Query (JSLQ)

JSLQ brings the philosophy of Entity Framework and LINQ from the .NET platform to the world of JavaScript

Cross-device & cross-layer paradigm

Experience the true power of JavaScript, run your code on mobile devices, in web browsers or on a NodeJS serverside

Built on HTML5 standards

Build full-featured applications powered by HTML5, capitalize on your expertise as a web developer!

UI Libraries

Javascript Language Query

   .filter(function (p) {
      return p.Category.ID == 42

Simple CRUD

var product = new Northwind.Product({
      ProductName: 'Lady Gray Tea',
      Cateogory : new Northwind.Category('Teas')